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Sea Fishing Rods

Explore our range of sea fishing rods, designed for power and durability. Perfect for all your sea fishing techniques.

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Canne Distant Shore

Canne Distant Shore Rapala
199.90 CHF incl tax

Canne Distant Sniper

Canne à pêche Distant Sniper - Rapala
179.90 CHF incl tax

Canne Magnum RH ROLLER

Canne de traîne Rapala MAGNUM RH
279.90 CHF incl tax

Canne Magnum RH STAND UP

Canne de traîne MAGNUM RH Rapala
169.90 CHF incl tax

Canne Squidro Eging

Canne Polyvalente Squidro Eging
179.90 CHF incl tax


Canne à Pêche Max Fight
84.90 CHF incl tax