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The "transport" category for pole fishing in our store focuses on a selection of transport trolleys. These trolleys are designed to make moving your fishing gear, whether it's rods, seats, boxes or any other equipment, easier. Sturdy, durable and often equipped with all-terrain wheels, our trolleys make transporting your equipment easier, even on difficult terrain.

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Duralite Transporter

Plateforme Matrix Duralite MKII convertible en chariot
381.85 CHF incl tax

Matrix 4 Wheel Transporter

4 Wheel Transporter
218.20 CHF incl tax

Matrix 4 Wheel Transporter Front Bag

Transporteur à 4 roues adaptable, avec sac en tissu PVC imperméable et cadre en acier rigide
72.75 CHF incl tax

Matrix F & P System 2 Wheel Transporter

Transporteur Stations Matrix F et P
131.85 CHF incl tax

Matrix Superbox 2 Wheel Transporter

Système de transport 2 roues pour Superbox Matrix
140.90 CHF incl tax